Go Heli Mountain Biking with Jesse Richman on a Volcano

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Written by Zach Perry & Sabine Schindlbauer

Photographs & Video by Marc Chambers

Jesse Richman Experience

We are extremely proud to report and share that the Jesse Richman campaign raised money for an incredible charity and turned out to be an exhilarating experience which will be remembered for a lifetime by our stoked winners.

YesWild teamed up with Jesse Richman, pro kiteboarder for North Kiteboarding, to create a once in a lifetime adventure and raise money for Thirst Project, a non-profit who educates youth all over the world about how water works in their local area so they can become empowered to get clean water. Thirst Project also builds real water projects to further push their initiative to end the global water crisis.

The ultimate kiteboarding experience turned into an all-time heli mountain biking adventure when Mother Nature decided to shut off the wind in Hawaii. We quickly changed gears (no pun intended) and set up the winners with something incredible.

Watch a quick highlight of the volcano mountain biking action…

A taste of what went down on the event day!

The Winners

Each experience we create is run as a sweepstakes where people enter to win it by donating. So, for just a $15 donation, Eddie Roberts from Washington, USA won the Jesse Richman experience for two! He brought along his longtime friend Trevor Sleeman who got to join in on this wild adventure!

The winners, Trevor (left) and Eddie (right).


The Experience

Delicious food, Heli mountain biking, learning to fly a helicopter, and hanging out with, the always entertaining, Jesse Richman. Here are the details of this fun day!

1. The luxury beach house

Eddie and Trevor spent the night before the adventure at Paia Inn a hip Boutique beach Inn on Maui’s North Shore. We’d like to say a HUGE thank you to the owner of Paia Inn, Michael Baskin, and the whole staff for donating the incredible beach villa and giving the adventure the perfect start.

Paia Inn generously donated their beautiful beachfront house for our winners to stay in.

We set up Eddie and Trevor with round trip tickets that gave them two weeks in Maui (rather than the standard 2-3 days). They spent two days with us (one day to arrive and the other for the experience) and then they went on their own to explore Oahu and the Big Island of Hawaii.

We always want it to be a possibility for the winners to make a full vacation out of their win, and we were pleased to see them take full advantage of that!


2. Meet and greet over breakfast

The team met up in the morning for breakfast at Vana to go over the plans for the day (not to mention the awesome surprises the YesWild team had planned on top of it all).

Getting fueled up with some breakfast and coffee at Paia Inn

After filling up on some great food we took Eddie, Trevor, and Jesse to the top of Haleakala where we geared them up with some freeride mountain bikes and gear that Krank Cycles generously donated!

Eddie and Trevor seeing the views from the top of the crater and getting stoked to go riding.


3. Heli mountain biking on the side of a volcano

After dropping off Eddie, Trevor and Jesse on top of Haleakala Volcano, the mountain bike downhill adventure began and was filled with lots of laughter, action, crazy drops and flowy trails. 

Gearing up before making the drop!

Spectacular views reveal the backside of Maui and the Big Island of Hawaii, views that one rarely sees due to the remoteness of the area. Above all clouds, this is one of the only places in Hawaii where one can see 6 islands at once – the Big Island, Kaho’olawe, Molokini, Maui, Lanai, and Molokai.

Jesse admiring the incredible 270-degree views.

The epic downhill ride took the guys from 10,000 feet of elevation down to 3,000 feet, biking through all kinds of epic terrain – from loose lava rock, sand, gravel, and cinder to more technical single track in the forest at the lower elevations.

Eddie and Trevor drifting down the side of a steep section.


4. Lunch + a special surprise!

On the bottom of the ride, YesWild set up an epic lunch, overlooking both Maui shores. The team was met by owner and CEO Nick Moran from Go Fly Maui, who landed his helicopter directly next to the lunch spot.

Lunchtime with YesWild. Lunch Prepared by Juliette Collins

5. Flying the Helicopter

Since mountain biking was not the end of the epic day, Eddie, Trevor and Jesse were in for yet another treat and flew all they way from the bottom of the trails to Maui’s West Side. Hidden valleys, secret waterfalls, herds of deer were only some of the highlights they saw from high up in the sky.


Taking off from lunch with Trevor sitting shotgun, ready to fly.

On top of all of that, Trevor also got to fly the helicopter completely by himself: “Nick yelled over the intercom and told me I had full control. That’s when I looked over and saw he wasn’t even touching the controls and was looking out the side of the helicopter. I felt my stomach drop and started moving the helicopter in all directions testing out what it felt like to fly. It was an incredible feeling!”

Trevor flying the helicopter while Eddie and Jesse enjoy the ride.

6. Winding Down

The Jesse Richman Experience ended with some well-deserved beers and champagne on one of Lahaina’s beaches, dips in the ocean, watching the sunset, an original Maui style dinner while reminiscing about the epic day and sharing memories we will all remember forever.

Eddie and Jesse take a dip. 


Special thanks to Jesse Richman, Thirst Project, Brian Sabourin, Krank Cycles, Paia Inn, Go Fly Maui, Sabine Schindlbauer, Trevor Sleeman, Eddie Roberts, Zach Perry, Nick Moran, Julliete Collins, Surfer Steve, Robert Crane, Patri McLaughlin, Anne-Marie Trombold, and everyone else who was a big part of this event.

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