Find an adventure

Find yourself an incredible once-in-a-lifetime experience that excites you so much you might enter into an eternal triple backflip double rainbow stoke-twist!


Enter to win by supporting charity

Enter to win any of our campaigns for as little as $10. When you enter, 80% of all net profits go to charity and you get entered to win the ultimate experience.


Your contributions make an impactful change for a stellar cause, and that’s an exciting feeling (winning!). One person is randomly picked to have their mind blown (winner!). You get to bring a friend (chess-mate!). We pay for flights, hotel, and the experience (win-win-win!). The charity gets support from an extremely epic network of people, so they can continue kicking ass (the biggest win of all!).


If you win… the experience will be tailored to you.

Each winner is different. Some are as radical as the pros, some are more of the Netflix and chill type, and others just like to have fun! If you win, we will get to know you and design the most epic experience for you regardless of your skill level and thrill factor. Even if you want to stay indoors!


Where does the money go?

Our mission is to create the most exciting life for those who say yes to exciting opportunities. We also believe in giving, with the full intention to help the world get better. 80% of all net profits go directly to the badass charities we partner with. YesWild keeps the other 20% to ensure we can keep helping charities make an extremely exciting impact on the world and bring you these truly once-in-a-lifetime experiences.


Find an Experience & Support a Cause.

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