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Can I extend my trip if I win?

We can book your flights so you can stay at the destination longer than the standard 2-3 days as long as the cost difference is under $100. If we had to put a number on it, that means anything over $100 per flight ticket. As promised, we will cover two nights of your hotels, but after that, you are on your own!

How do I know if I won?

Every campaign has a set date where we stop taking entries. We then randomly select a winner and contact them to let them know they won. After that, we make sure the winner is eligible to accept the experience, which you can learn more about in our official rules. Once the winner has been confirmed we then let everyone else know who the winner is!

Can I get a refund?

For T-shirts, absolutely! We want to make sure you love your shirtso if you have any issuessend us an email at and we will hook you up.

If you want a refund for entries or campaign gear, unfortunately, we cannot refund those since entries and campaign gear are tied to the sweepstakes. In other words, all purchases for entries are final.

Is this tax deductible?

Not yet! However, there is light at the end of the tunnel. We are working on making sure every donation is tax deductible. It will take some time to get that all structured just right so we are shooting to see this change made in early 2019.

Does every experience support a charity?

You bet! Each charity gets the same 80/20 split explained in the question “Where does my money go?”

Who can enter a campaign?

Anyone 13 and older as long as the country you live in does not prohibit sweepstakes and you aren’t in a country on the US embargoed list. Sometimes we will need to restrict other countries for specific campaigns, but we will clearly state this in the official rules for that campaign.

Where does my money go?

Every campaign costs money to run so we first pay for the operational costs of the campaign such as your airplane tickets and the fun stuff you get to do with that special person you will meet. After that, we send 80% to the charity and we keep the remaining 20% to ensure we can pay our awesome employees and keep YesWild operating! It also helps us run more campaigns and reach more people to support these amazing causes!

What about flights?

We want this to be the best experience possible for you! Many of the destinations for the experiences are amazing and you might want to stay longer than the standard 2-3 days (we get that!). So, we will work with you to get your round-trip tickets booked for the dates you want as long as the cost of your tickets are within $100 of the original price of the tickets. That way you can enjoy beautiful places like Hawaii for more than a couple days and keep your dream experience going!

Can I enter to win multiple times?

Does someone want to get all the campaign gear? 😀 Yesyou can enter multiple times, but no more than 10 times per experience or 750,000 entries (whichever comes first).

Please use the same email and your real name. If you are using an alias and win… we, unfortunately, won’t be able to accept you as the winner.


How old do I have to be to win?

Anyone 13 and up can win one of our experiences, and if you are under 18 the guest that joins you will have to be your parent or legal guardian.

Are all my expenses covered?

YES! We pay for your plane tickets and we cover your hotel room the night before and the night of the experience (2 nights). The day before your experience we also cover your meals and make sure you have rides. During the experience, we cover everything to make the day awesome! If you opt to stay after the experience day, you will need to cover any and all expense for the rest of your trip.

What if the experience looks too hard for me?

These experiences are tailored to you! When you win we will call you up and get to know you and what you like. We will discuss some options of what we can do and see how chill or crazy you want the experience to be. Then we will design the perfect experience for you with the athlete and make sure it is remarkable. We are experts at planning these things.

How Do I Get Started?

1. Find an experience

2. Enter to win by supporting it

3. Win-win-win that thang

Let’s Chat.

We love any kind of input and questions.

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Let’s Chat.

We love any kind of input and questions.

(425) 647-7404

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